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Celebrity spotting on Mykonos

The longer we stayed at Soula Rooms on Psarou Bay in Mykonos, the more we fell into lazy mode and in the end we found it almost impossible to pull ourselves up off our sun lounges and go anywhere.

We didn’t know it when we found Soula Rooms on the internet that it sat on the most trendy beach in Mykonos.  The celebrity beach, if you like.   Every day the most glamorous yachts came into the bay, anchored just out of swimming range and their rich owners and guests came ashore to lunch at the restaurant Nammos next door to Soula Rooms, right on the beach.

Mykonos  -  girl

Well, I can tell you, it was a case of asking ‘who’s that fabulous person?  Who’s that rich dude?” each time someone came ashore because I have no idea who a famous Greek celebrity might be.  There was a paparazzo lurking on the beach all day with his long lens camera hidden beneath a towel.  We watched him sneakily photographing people as they came off their yachts (actually hoping he’d photograph us, but no chance.)  Anyway, although most of the rich celebrities were completely unknown to us, and their fame was wasted on us, how’s this for a story?

“what sort of boat’s that, mate?”  And the big bloke turned around and said “It’s a boat,”

We were sitting on the beach in the mid afternoon having our usual aperitif (Bacardi and tonic this time, we ran out of gin and vodka) with our friends who were staying with us at Soula Rooms.Artic- P James Packer's converted Deap Sea Tug

Anyway, one day this unusual looking yacht comes in and anchors out in the bay.  We looked at it with mild curiosity ‘cos it was not white and sleek and glamorous like the others, but it was a big yacht nonetheless – navy blue, a bit like a barge-come-navy ship actually (but you might have had a better description if you’d seen it; I’m not good at describing boats.) (Or houses.) (Or body parts.)

We watched the people come off the navy yacht – a group of mostly men and a couple of women (one mature, one young and glam.)   I didn’t take much notice of them at first but I heard their strong Australian accents.   Anyway, our friend drinking the Bacardi with us, calls out to the last bloke in the group, a big beefy man “what sort of boat’s that, mate?”  And the big bloke turned around and said “It’s a boat,” and then pulled his hat down over his head and continued walking, and I saw it was James Packer.”   So that’s our little bit of Australian celebrity at Soula Rooms on Psarou Bay at Mykonos.


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