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Marvellous Mykonos

9th June 2010

Sorry everyone, my first blog had a couple of typos in it – but that’s because I wrote it sitting in the sunshine on the beach at Psarou Bay in Mykonos.  I couldn’t see the screen property to proof read it and I got frustrated and just sent it off.  It was my first blog and I didn’t know how to work the system properly either – and still do I not, but let’s keep going.

Saula Rooms

Soula Rooms

Psarou Bay in Mykonos in case your interested, and you must be if you’re reading this, is about five kilometres from the main town where all those lovely winding bogainvillea-lined lanes are crammed with shops and glamorous restaurants and where the famous Mykonos windmills attract hundreds of tourists each day.

At Psarou Bay we stay at a place called Soula Rooms run by a family called Soula (mother), Timos (Dad) and Nansy and Barbara (twin 20something daughters of great voluptuousness).  We adore Soula Rooms.  It’s right on the beach, whitewashed buildings, immaculately kept, the villas lead on to the sand.  The bay is very small and let me tell you, swimming in the clean clear water in Greece is one of the most sensual and magical experiences you could find on the planet.  The water is cool, safe and so clear you can swim way out deep without fear of a shark ripping your leg off, and look way down past your toes to the bottom metres below.  It’s gorgeous.

Waters of MykonosOur villa overlooks Psarou Bay where the yachts and boats bob…and then over to the brown hills dotted with whitewashed hotels and villas.  And how about this for a bit of good gossip? – Valentino had his yacht anchored here recently with his good friend Ralph Lauren on board.  I learnt this from a grandmother from Luxembourg who’s been coming to Soula Rooms for years, for a month at a time.  She sits topless on the beach from dawn to dusk tanning her little body black, and knows every single thing that goes on on the island.  She gathers her intelligence from her position on her sun lounge, getting information from the beach boys and the hundreds of rich Greek visitors who flock to this trendy beach. Anyway, Valentino came off his yacht to dine at the restaurant on the beach next to Soula Rooms and our Luxembourg lady asked him if she could take his photograph and he was very friendly and said yes, but Ralph Lauren wasn’t too impressed apparently.  He pulled a snooty face and suffered through having his photo taken.

Lot of Greek celebrities come to this beach and here and am I, non-A-lister sitting right next to them.

More later.

Ann xxx
P.S.  Our Luxembourg lady told us Valentino’s face is very tanned and mask like.  He needs my Botox lady in Noosa whose philosophy is SUBTELTY.

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