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10th June 2010

This is a secret so don’t tell anybody I told you.   It’s about a tiny taverna called Kiki”s on the island of Mykonos.  It is at the top of the island in a tiny bay called Aghios Sostis.  You’ll never find it unless you ask dozens of people on the way.

View from Kikis

View from Kikis

Kiki’s looks down on this tiny bay so luminous it hurts the eyes.  The taverna has no phone, no sign, no electricity.  Everything is cooked on an wood fired grill in the little taverna.

We’d visited it before on other Mykonos holidays and we were there again yesterday.  It has a simple approach.  You go into this tiny kitchen and choose your salads first and then order something to be put on the grill.  Pork shops, stuffed chicken, turkey sausages…

It sounds quite ordinary, but it’s so NOT.  The salads, all lined up in a row and as dazzling as a line up of Miss Universe entrants, comprise of incredible varieties (beetroot in yoghurt a favourite, but then the lentil with sun-dried tomatoes is also good.)



Wine is served in those aluminium containers, very traditional, and when your offering from the grill arrives, your eyes all but pop out of your head.  The pork chop is so huge it covers the plate and spills out over the table.  The owner, gorgeous big handsome man with a head of thick grey hair, won’t tell us the secret marinade used on the pork, but it’s sensational.  Sweet, dense and makes the pork so tender it melts.. After a long Kiki’s lunch – it’s only open for lunch – we stumble down this narrow path to the tiny bay way below and after lazing on the sand (usually alongside a few naked people) we slip into the cool clean water and swim way out around the headland and it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world.


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