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Published on November 25th, 2014 | by Ann Rickard


Showering with Praise


I got it into my head that I had to have an outdoor bathroom.

We live in a sub-tropical climate, perfect for an alfresco shower and a spot of outdoor teeth brushing.

I once stayed in a Balinese villa with three outdoor bathrooms.

““I want an outdoor bathroom,” I said casually one night after a couple of glasses of wine”

Oh, the naughty thrill of showering outside with nothing but a flimsy wall between you and anyone who cared to peek.

Oh, the risky adventure of being naked outside in the night with just the stars above.

So, when the notion hit me for an outdoor bathroom in my own home I approached the husband.

Fortunately, the husband is possessed of a talent that matters above all others (yes, even the one in the boudoir) and a talent to make wives all over the world pale with envy (more flattering than green.)

He is a handyman extraordinaire.

“I want an outdoor bathroom,” I said casually one night after a couple of glasses of wine, because seeds have to be planted in the handyman’s head before any handyman stuff takes place.

He gave his automatic reply to all my requests for handyman work because he doesn’t realise what a whiz he is with a hammer and nail.

“I can’t do it,” he said. “Ah, but you can,” I said back. “You are a handyman beyond all others. You can do anything.” (I’m good, no?)

He went away to think about this in the manner he does to all my requests, and voila! Within an hour, he was back with a sketch for an outdoor bathroom complete with tiled wall, timber decking, stone vanity, rain shower, discreet screening and lush landscaping.

How about that? I watched in awe as the cleverer-than-all-otherhusbands-in-the-world created this sexy Balinese-style bathroom outside our guest bedroom.

He climbed ladders, installed beams, did clever things with a leveller, hammered, dug, nailed, tiled, glued, grouted and toiled tirelessly until the alfresco bathroom was a showpiece of Balinese style and a testament to his talent and perseverance.

Why am I telling you this? Not to make you envious (although I’m like that) but it got me thinking about our need today for oasis-style bathrooms.

Today’s bathrooms are luxurious havens where we can pamper ourselves as though we were in a luxurious spa.

Anyone who grew up in the 1960s and had to share one pokey bathroom in a busy household will know the luxury of your own private ablution space.

Remember the tiny cabinet above the sink where an entire household’s worth of unguents had to be stored? Remember the ugly exposed plumbing, the shower over the bath, the dash to be the first in before all the other rotters took the hot water?

No more of that now.

PS I’d invite you around for an alfresco shower if I knew you better.



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