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Published on October 2nd, 2014 | by Ann Rickard


Anti-aging Advertisements Beyond The Pale

Can we talk? About aging? We’re all doing it.

Some faster than others. Personally I am aging fabulously.

As I am a top end baby boomer, it’s okay for me to boast that because baby boomers are self-centred.

“Are 70-plus year olds not supposed to care about looks and style any more?”

We don’t want to age gracefully; we want disgrace all the way towards our walking frames.

We want every anti-aging measure we can get our liver-spotted hands on.

Oprah started all this talk when she turned 50. She did show after show about anti-aging and I watched every one of them.

Now you can’t pick up a magazine or newspaper without a big spread on anti-aging, and it seems every television advertisement is directed at the subject.

But here’s something I’ve noticed. All this (welcome) anti-aging talk seems to be directed at those below 70. Seventy seems a cut-off point.

If I read another article that says “how to be sexy in your 50s, 60s… and beyond” or “enjoy glowing skin into your 50s, 60s… and beyond” I might tear my hair out at its platinum blonde roots. (I never allow a grey regrowth.)

What is this “… and beyond” business all about?

Are you no longer interested in skin care once you hit 70? Hair colour? Exercise? Fashion?

Are 70-plus year olds not supposed to care about looks and style any more?

Let me say right now, I am not 70.

But I am only a hop, skip and jump away from it, and hopping, skipping and jumping I plan to go into my 70s. (There might even be a hand-stand in there as well.)

Just some women who look fabulous in their 70s – Jane Fonda, Raquel Welch, Tina Turner, Judy Dench, Barbara Streisand, Maria Venuti – will still be beautiful in the “… and beyond” stage.

And why?

Because they all keep going on and they all have fun.

We’ll talk more about this subject. Rest assured.


About the Author

is a Noosa (Australia) local and author of six successful books, all humorous travel narratives. In 2005 Ann won the prestigious ASTW’s Australian Travel Writer of the Year and in 2007 she won the ASTW Travel Book of the Year. Ann takes a culinary tour to the South of France in June every year . Ann writes travel, dining and columns for the Sunshine Coast Daily and is the Life editor of the Noosa News. Ann also maintains a well read and popular blog site. Ann’s travels have seen her explore cuisines all over the world.

3 Responses to Anti-aging Advertisements Beyond The Pale

  1. Ann Colville says:

    Hi Ann .R.
    You are both looking fab. —- what is this talking about aging !!! — how do you spell that I wonder !!

    We really should catch up soon

    kind regards to you and Geoff ..
    Ann .C.

  2. julie says:

    I’m 72 and live by the mantra that age is a number only. I workout at the gym, cook and eat well and have a younger Lover. We enjoy our life together, although we don’t live together. Sure, there are aches (arthritis in places) and stubborn hip kilos refusing to leave me, otherwise I don’t feel old as such. How one behaves is the key to how people respond , keep the brain active and the awful feeling of being invisible cant encroach. I am studying both Italian and German, meeting lots of people also.

  3. suzana says:

    Although I am only in my late 40’s I totally agree with the post. There seems to be a cut off point post 65- when women are regarded as retirees and then of course they would not be interested in their looks? In this day and age women in particular are working far longer and surviving to cater for the needs of partners, children and grand children, this is another reason why women “beyond” 60 should be respecting their looks and bodies.

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