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Beat a Retreat

Wellness retreats are popping up all over the world in spectacular locations.

If we need incentive to detox, destress and delight ourselves with a fresh makeover, then we have it waiting for us in abundance in these glorious and seductive retreat settings.Secret Garden Night (2)

If you are going to drink spinach juice, eat kale and meditate why not do so against a jaw-droppingly beautiful backdrop?

The resort pictured above, is not a wellness retreat, rather a luxury resort, but it does have wellness staff and offers special wellness packages.

You’ll be sipping your fresh smoothies while others around you are on their second margarita, but how good are you going to feel at the end of your holiday?

Fortunately, today’s wellness retreat operators realise detoxing and destressing can be achieved while still enjoying real food in between a plethora of spa treatments.

Aeons ago on my first visit to a health retreat (in Australia, gorgeous location) I was shocked by the strict rules.

We were told if anyone was caught with alcohol hidden in their luggage they’d be sent straight home with a good telling-off and no refund. (I quickly disposed of the little bottle of gin I’d nicked from the plane for emergency purposes.)

The same rule applied to any devious culprit who dared bring in real coffee.

Aava Resort and  (2)-001

Aava Resort and Spa – Khanom, Thailand


I spent the week drinking dandelion tea and shaking in fear that a fellow guest might take a dislike to me and plant a coffee pot in my bag to be rid of me.

I well remember all the guests sitting down to meals of fresh vegetables dressed in craftily high-flavour-but-no-fat dressings and immediately saying: “I’d kill for a glass of sav blanc right now.”

But at the end of the week we were all lighter and so glowing with health and energy we practically did handstands all the way home.

My most recent visit to a health retreat saw me eating imaginatively inventive foods that looked sinfully fattening but contained no fat and… this is the really good bit… the retreat served wine (organic, of course) with meals.

Aava Resort and Spa – Khanom Thailand


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