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Published on December 2nd, 2012 | by Ann Rickard


Travel – Cruising New Zealand

A belated hello my friends now that I’m back in Noosa. Been away for a few weeks.

We did a small cruise on a big ship around New Zealand and thoroughly lovely it was.

I was a bit wary of going on a ship with 2,000 other passengers. I’m an impatient person and the thought of trying to get on and off in ports with 2,000 others was certain to bring about lots of gnashing of the teeth. But embarking and disembarking was so smooth.

oost 6 auckland

We just strolled on and off in small, well-organised groups with a distinct absence of teeth-gnashing (which is really good ‘cos I have these expensive teeth I had done in Thailand early this year – would hate to gnash them all away.) oost 9

We had a lovely state room on board m.s. Oosterdam with a veranda which worried me at first as my husband – the delectable-but-prone-to-bouts-of-ungainliness – has been known to sleep walk (I once found him outside at 3am wandering around our garden in his red underpants – true story), so you can imagine my fear that he would wander semi-naked to the state room veranda and fall overboard. I slept with one eye and both ears open all night for any nocturnal ungainliness but all was well.

The Oosterdam was surprisingly easy to get around. You’d think with such a huge ship you’d need a back-pack to get from one end to the other,

oost 4

but this too turned out not to be the case which again prevented much gnashing of the expensive teeth.

Elevators whizzed us up and down the many levels and within a day we were familiar with most of the ship. Cool, no? Our 2,000 fellow passengers were mostly American and mostly (you won’t believe this) older than us.

oost 5

This made us feel sprightly and superior until we saw these ‘mature’ folks take to the dance floor with energy and elegance and be first in line for most of the activities (and we’re not talking fruit carving or origami, we’re talking high-tech stuff.)

oos 16

The ‘learn how to photoshop your pictures’ class was full of these nimble oldies. They worked the buffet better than us (and we’re experts when it comes to getting the most out of a buffet).

They swam lively laps of the pool, hit the bar for the ‘make a great martini’ lessons, and stayed up late (when we couldn’t) for the ‘dazzling dessert’ smorgasbord at 10.30pm.

oost 12

Ports of call were all picturesque – actually is it possible to go anywhere in New Zealand that isn’t picturesque?

Highlight was a visit to the Hobbiton Movie set in the north island.

Hobbit Hole

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