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Board the Rollercoaster

A public bus ride along the Amalfi coast in southern Italy will give you more thrills than you could ever encounter on the most daring of rides at any of the world’s biggest amusement parks.

And it will cost you just a couple of dollars.

The narrow, sinuous 40km stretch of road on the steep Sorrento Peninsula offers panoramic views over the Mediterranean and a veritable landslide of clustered buildings on the cliffs. Amalfi

At each hairpin curve, as the big bus travels at terrifying speeds and a low retaining wall is all that stands between you and the frighteningly long drop to the rocks and sea below, the views become more heart stopping.

Passengers hang on for their lives as the bus hurtles around tight bends.

Some people (including me) close their eyes against the fear while holding cameras and phones out the window to capture the experience for later viewing when safely back at the hotel.

But it is when two of these big buses come head to head that the real fun begins.

Both buses must pass each other on this narrow road with just a few inches of space between them.

People on the inside bus are okay. It’s those on the outside with the incredible drop that shriek and urge the driver to keep his foot on the brake.

I’ve had a number of bus rides along this beautiful coast road – I conquer my fear because the thrill is so worth it – and every time my bus has encountered one coming in the opposite direction.

Board the Rollercoaster

As you would expect – after all, you are in Italy where passions run high – there is a great deal of shouting, hand wringing, arm gesturing, finger saluting and hair pulling from both drivers.

It’s as exciting as the views. So forget cars and trains and boats on the Amalfi coast.

Board a public bus and, for the cheap cost of a ticket, give yourself an adventure you’ll never forget.

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