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Dreams of the Sea

Unless your befriend is a billionaire – and good on you if you can – you are not going to experience a lifestyle where someone is always a blink of an eye away to carry out your every wish. But you can have a taste of it if you step on board a SeaDream yacht.

For the duration of your sailing you will know what it is like to live as rich people do.


While SeaDream Yachts can’t promise an exact one-on-one crew to passenger ratio, they can give you 95 crew to 112 passengers.

Settle for that?

The SeaDream philosophy agreeably focuses on: spoiling, pampering, indulging.

“The crew love me,” you’ll say as you step on board to be greeted with a cold towel and a glass of champagne by someone who already knows your name. “I can get used to this,” you’ll whisper when you open your state-room mini bar to find it bountifully stocked.


“Why don’t you treat me like this at home?” you might say to your partner the next morning as a smiling steward carries your plate of perfect pastries from the stylish buffet to your deck-side table, pours your coffee and takes your order for eggs benedict.

“Oh, this is wonderful,” you’ll murmur as a silver dome is gracefully lifted from your glass plate in the richly-furnished dining room to reveal caviar stuffed quails’ eggs and chateaubriand.


The ‘oh, isn’t that wonderful?’ moments never stop on board SeaDream.

From the early morning sea breezes cooling you as you enjoy al fresco thai chi, to a long lunch on the deck in an intimate corner for two, to cocktail and canapés in the tasteful salon, to gourmet cuisine at every turn, through to a nightcap in the intimacy of the piano bar or the a late night flutter in the small casino, there are moments of bliss.


Don’t look for bingo, ballroom dancing or bawdy shows on SeaDream. You won’t find crowds at over-the-top buffets either. There is no rock climbing wall and alas, you can’t go ice-skating on board.

But do look for like-minded guests (you could be sipping your gin and tonic next to an English Lord at the Top of the Yacht Bar – we were), and do anticipate a dinner with new friends under the stars.


How about a slow dance to a classical guitarist beneath a full moon?

A pedicure, facial or body wrap in the fragrant spa?

A movie in your spacious stateroom?

A jet-powered shower in your marble bathroom, a slither into your Turkish cotton bathrobe followed by a nap on the Belgian linen sheets?

Or how about the ultimate yachting fantasy – sleeping on the deck on a Balinese dream bed?


It goes without saying, billionaires have water toys on their yachts, and when SeaDream anchors in small bays and lowers its marina on the aft deck, out come the kayaks, snorkel gear, paddle boards and (you’re never too old) the big banana boat.

With an all-inclusive fare there is no fear of a frightening bar bill at the end of a sailing.

This is particularly pleasing when making new friends. Rare is the chance to say in your most generous voice: “martini before dinner?’, or ‘late night cognac?’ without concern of how much it will cost.

SeaDream Desert

Food is cooked a la minute with fresh ingredients prepared by chefs who love to surprise and please you with their culinary and artistic talent.

Fine wines from some of the world’s top regions are free-flowing. On certain voyages you are invited ashore with the chef to the local market. (We did this some years ago in St. Tropez and still remember the reverence the suppliers had for the SeaDream chef.)


On this latest sailing, we began in Yangon ended in Singapore and called in on the way to Khao Lak and Ko Lanta Yai in Thailand, Pulau Pangkor and Langkawi in Malaysia. There were also a couple of lazy but extravagant days at sea.

On a previous memorable SeaDream sailing in the Med we anchored outside Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival.

Sitting at lunch on the deck looking out to that glittering town filled with celebrities for the Cannes Film Festival while we slurped oysters, ate nicoise salad and sipped pale pink Provencal wines, was as dazzling a highlight as any we’d experienced in our travels. Only one question will bother you when you disembark a SeaDream sailing: “When can I board again?”

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