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Fete de la Musique – France

On June 21, every year all over France music fills the air.

It is the Fete de la Musique celebration which takes place on the longest day of the year every summer.

In the decade or more we have been visiting France we have enjoyed this colourful summer celebration of music in the streets.

To our knowledge Fete de la Musique is celebrated in large cities to small towns and tiny villages, some in grand style, others in their own unique way.

From professional musicians to those who like to jam with their mates in the back room or garage, from school children learning the guitar or piano, from emerging artists to ever-green entertainers…everyone is welcome to come out into the streets and sing, play, entertain. No money is involved.

Street corners become pop-up night clubs as crooners stand on makeshift stages and sing. Footpaths become concert venues as bands do their own thing. Mick Jagger impersonating is popular.

One year we watched rappers, another year opera recitals, yet another a piano concert.

It is the mix that makes it so fascinating. All against the backdrop of graceful old buildings, charming restaurants and distinctive lanes, streets and alleys.

While we have not attended the celebration in a big city, we certainly have been privileged to be part of the celebration in small towns and one year, in probably one of the smallest villages in France: Vers in the south near the Pont du Gard.

The local pizza maker in his tiny shop in this tiny village decided his contribution to celebrating La Fete de la Musique would be to hire a karaoke machine for the night.

As we were staying in the village and loathe to drive anywhere further on this busiest of nights in France, we decided pizza and karaoke it would be.

We waited patiently inside the hot and small pizza shop while the sweaty owner hand-made pizzas for every individual customer. His pizzas were excellent, his craft honed, and he was not going to be hurried just because some of his customers (me) were keen to crank up the karaoke machine.

“When will he start?” I kept nagging to the small group I had befriended in the shop. “He’s taking forever. Nobody order another pizza or he will never get started.”

Finally, with the last pizza out of the oven and onto the small tables, he looked about to start. It was quite late by this time and although the evening was long, night was about to set in. But no, he was not yet ready to turn on the karaoke machine. Cleaning up had to be attended to first. Like all good chef/operators, a clean kitchen is essential before any fun can take place.

After what seemed like a lifetime, he finally made his way out from behind the counter in front of his large pizza oven and headed to the machine. With much fiddling and fussing, he finally turned it on.

“At last,” I said, prepared to be first in line with my off-key version of “I Will Survive” (always a good one to get a group going and one loved globally by all women.)

But what did our pizza man do? He commandeered the microphone himself. I stood not a chance as he sang all his favourites for the rest of the evening.

So, this year, we celebrated Fete de la Musique in the Place aux Herbes in the large town Uzes where we stayed for many weeks. We watched as the crowds started to filter into the leafy square, sit by the fountain or in one of the surrounding cafes, and then we watched as a scruffy old bloke took to the makeshift stage and began a roaring impersonation of Joe Cocker.

As I said, it is all about the variety.

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