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Published on June 15th, 2015 | by Ann Rickard


France – Uzes Day 2

The problem with France, is there is just too much of it.   Too much gorgeousness on every corner.

We are surrounded by history, grand old buildings, stone arches, handsome monuments, imposing churches – and down every little winding alleyway there is a café calling to us with something fresh and delicious to eat.


Then there is wine.   It’s everywhere.   A wine lover’s Eden.  It is served to you any time of day – yes, even 10 in the morning it is okay to drink wine.   What is not to love about that?

Our funny little apartment here in Uzes, the one we are in before our guests arrive next week and we move into a big house,  is right in the middle of a walking tour route.


All day yesterday, groups came past with guides giving them the history of the Duchy of Uzes, none of which listened to, I was too busy drinking wine!

The plethora of restaurants and cafes and bistros and delightful fashion shops in Uzes makes it hard to walk around the town without stopping to sit, eat, drink, and then get up to tell yourself to move, do some discovering, only to be enchanted by the next little bistro to sit down and repeat the above all over again.


We caught up with our lovely friend Hester who has an apartment nearby in the village of St.Maximin.  She is joining us on our tour as our helper/kitchen hand and genteel host.  Hester is a Kiwi living in France and she has a quality of graciousness about her.  She even looks French.   Our guests are going to love her.

Hester and Ann

We found a funny little bistro yesterday, a hole in a wall place with no menu, just fresh food according to whatever the farmer/producer has brought in that morning.  We ate a vegetable crumble, a salmon with avocado and lovely fresh leaves, and an aubergine stew thing (ratatouille I guess) and sat in this tiny space crammed close with others drinking pink wine served in carafes.


More pastries now I think.


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