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Published on May 21st, 2015 | by Ann Rickard


A Good Bra Matters

Forgive the personal inquiry, especially if you’re a bloke, but how’s your bra looking?

A good, well fitting bra is essential to the look and posture of every woman, no matter her age. A good bra matters.

“After they were gently manoeuvred into the correct size, their joy at the comfort of it all could not be over estimated.”

I recall Oprah telling us these words of wisdom a few years ago when she did an entire show on the importance of a good bra.

She had every woman in her audience go back stage and remove their outerwear, whereupon it was discovered every single one of them was wearing the wrong sized bra. Talk about insightful television.

Oprah had bra experts on hand with hundreds of beautiful bras to fit on to the women who then discovered to their astonishment they were at least a good two sizes bigger than they thought.

After they were gently manoeuvred into the correct size, their joy at the comfort of it all could not be over estimated.

Oh, how we miss Oprah’s godly wisdom.

It wasn’t long ago when our bra size choice ran from 12 to 16, and cup sizes a puny A through a minor C.

Now, good lordy, some of the bras come in mighty size 22 and go up to a quadruple F cup.

It’s good news for women well-gifted in the boobie department, us plumpy ladies who have searched fruitlessly for years to find a bra cup ample enough to hold our womanly assets.

It is the best news for all of us who have ever stood beneath the unforgiving fluorescent light in a tiny change room trying to squeeze fabulously fleshy boobs into an inadequate C cup.

Realistic sizes are glorious news for those among us who have been forced to buy an ‘extender’ for the back of the bra because the hooks refused to stretch one more gasping half-centimetre to meet the eyes.

Go into the underwear section of any big retail store now and you will be fairly knock(ered) over by the generous size of some of the bras manufacturers are now finally making for real women.

Some of these big bras look like they could cover a sports stadium, others look as though the entire troupe of Cirque du Soleil could perform beneath their massive domes.

But try one on…wonder and joy…they fit.


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