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Published on March 5th, 2016 | by Ann Rickard


Let’s Keep This Brief

I was talking to a European friend the other day about underpants. As you do.

She expressed her shock to me that many Australian women (not you, of course) do not give enough attention to their underwear.

“They don’t match their bras to their panties,” she said with a disapproving look.

“No, they don’t,” I agreed vehemently as though I was knowledgeable on the subject. “Shocking,” I added, making little tsk tsk noises for further effect.

I continued to pretend I was intimate on the subject of intimates even though I have not previously given much thought to Australian women matching their knickers to their knocker holders.

We continued to chat.

“If you are in a new relationship with a bloke, you go to the trouble to buy new underwear and match it up,” I said with great authority, even though I haven’t been in a new relationship with a bloke since 1966. (But I’ve heard about these things.)

“It’s not about wearing lovely matching underwear for a man,” she said huffily.

“It’s about making you feel good about yourself.

” Oops … should have thought of that.

I let her continue. “When I look in the mirror I want to see nice matching underwear, it makes me feel better,” she said. “I don’t do it foraman. I do it for myself.”

Of course she is absolutely right. How many of us ladies of a certain age have forgotten the sexy thrill of vampy underwear?

What do your knickers look like, if you’ll forgive the impertinence?

When you disrobe at night, do you look down at your big, stretched, old, beige underpants?

Don’t answer, it’s very personal.

But how enriching would it be to your wellbeing if you were to take off your outer clothes each evening and be dazzled by a gorgeous matching set of undies?

It could make you feel 20 years younger and that’s a lot of love to receive from your underpants.


About the Author

is a Noosa (Australia) local and author of six successful books, all humorous travel narratives. In 2005 Ann won the prestigious ASTW’s Australian Travel Writer of the Year and in 2007 she won the ASTW Travel Book of the Year. Ann takes a culinary tour to the South of France in June every year . Ann writes travel, dining and columns for the Sunshine Coast Daily and is the Life editor of the Noosa News. Ann also maintains a well read and popular blog site. Ann’s travels have seen her explore cuisines all over the world.

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