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Published on May 14th, 2015 | by Ann Rickard


The Lighter Side Of Ageing

The Lighter Side Of Ageing

But it can also be disastrous.

That’s my opinion for what it is worth (not much) and please feel to disagree with it.

” never ever wear iridescent eye shadow. (I’ve broken out in a cold sweat just writing that.)”

I reckon a little subtle eye make is the way to go for any woman over the age of 50.

Yes, I’d love to have ‘smoky’ eyes…you know the look, all smudgy and charcoaly at the corners so you look mysterious and sexy as hell. Sadly, I think only young women can pull that look off.

The smoky look on me with my crêpey eyelids would make me look like a panda that had been in the boxing ring.

In the swinging 60s when I lived for a time in London, coal black liquid eye liner painted in a half moon crescent across the middle of the eyelid was a look so utterly fabulous I swooned when I first arrived and saw all the mini-skirted girls sporting it.

I practised endlessly until I got the black half moon down pat.

Now in my mature years as I doddle into my elderly years, I am ultra careful about over-doing the eye make up.

I’ve gone for a subtle sweep of light brown across the bottom part of the eyelid, matt of course, with a teeny bit of highlight under the brow, a careful line on the rim, and just the one layer of mascara.

I have only recently found a pencil that will actually draw on the rim of the eye (it’s taken 50 years of looking) as most of them are hard and refuse to draw on old(er) skin. (Jane Iredale eye pencil if you are interested…it is wonderful and soft and works every time.)

Applying eye make carefully for a professional look when you are of an age and need your glasses for everything, is all but impossible. You have to go in half blind and hope for the best, or buy one of those magnifying mirrors which help but make your pores look like the Grand Canyon.

One thing I know is for the older woman to never ever wear iridescent eye shadow. (I’ve broken out in a cold sweat just writing that.)

I do know someone (who lives in another country, fingers crossed she will never read this) who obviously wore iridescent white eye shadow in the 60s when she was a pretty young thing and can’t bring herself to change it now that she is not. Ouch. It would be like me still wearing my coal black half moon crescent.


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