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Published on March 6th, 2013 | by Ann Rickard


Travel Talk – Love of the Queue – Not

Travel Talk – Love of the Queue – Not

Welcolm to this new column where we’ll  be talking about all things travel: the good, tne quirky, the bad and all in-between.

Travel has never before offered so many options. You’re swamped choices to take you anywhere you want to go within your budget. Mostly travel is wondrous, thrilling and endlessly exciting.

Once you’re up in the air with the drinks trolley about to stop at your seat and your only dilemma is whether to have a gin and tonic or a glass of bubbles, it’s all good.

However, getting through an airpoft today when it seems the wtrole world is travelling on the same day as you, is agony for the person burdened with an impatient gene.

It goes without saying, it is never you who holds up the queue at check-in. Always someone else.

l’ve stood in check-out queues too often, gnashing my teeth with frustration trying to work out the mystery of the protracted check-in.

This is what I do at check-in (keeping in mind I am the perfect passenger). When it’s my turn, I step up to the counter, passport and ticket at the ready, and put my bag on the belt thingie, This takes all of three seconds.

I watch quietly while the clerk taps away on the computer, answer her security questions, watch her tap some more, take my boarding pass and l’m off. A total of one minute, two tops.

Why then do the people in front of me in the queue take a good 20 minutes to achieve the same?

I watch and fume while they fuss over bags, lean over the counter, ask endless questions, go back to more bag fussing, then (alarm, more furious teeth gnashing), unzip the bags, repack them, lean over the counter again, obviously say soniething so concerning the clerk has to call upon a supervisor who then gets on the telephone to call head office, or maybe NASA, or it could even be the White House.

I exaggerate of course. But it does seem to take a great many people a great deal of time to achieve a simple check-in.

But once check-in is over it’s all smooth sailing – until you get to security.

More about that another time.


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is a Noosa (Australia) local and author of six successful books, all humorous travel narratives. In 2005 Ann won the prestigious ASTW’s Australian Travel Writer of the Year and in 2007 she won the ASTW Travel Book of the Year. Ann takes a culinary tour to the South of France in June every year . Ann writes travel, dining and columns for the Sunshine Coast Daily and is the Life editor of the Noosa News. Ann also maintains a well read and popular blog site. Ann’s travels have seen her explore cuisines all over the world.

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