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Madmegs Pizza Pantry

Don’t expect to find Mad Meg at Madmegs The Pizza Pantry in Thomas St.

Mad Meg is actually Maria and she’s not at all mad.

She’s happy, rather bouncy, very vivacious.


She named her tiny pizzeria in Noosaville Madmegs using parts of her two daughter’s names: Madison and Megan.

Madmegs presents good inexpensive pizzas and pastas with no frills, no fuss and no corkage on your BYO.

Maria Mikletic walks around the small space inside and out on the veranda, chatting to customers as though they were her best friends, which I suspect they are.

Her husband Dimir stays in the kitchen keeping up with the flow of orders.


Families love Madmegs for its quick in-and-out appeal and the child-friendly welcome.

Couples enjoy it for its cheap-and-cheerful appeal and its authenticity.

Everyone else loves it for making no charge to open your wine and give you fresh glasses.

The menu couldn’t be more simple. Five pastas, 24 pizzas, a single salad, an antipasti plate (which Maria and Dimir call a mezze plate, they’re from Croatia and that’s the way it’s done there) and a seductive range of good homemade cakes.

The tables and chairs, even the walls and space, are as unpretentious and welcoming as the atmosphere. It feels good to step in to Maria’s hearty greeting knowing you’re going to leave full of belly and light of wallet.

We started with the antipasti (sorry, mezze) plate and what a delightful surprise it was. Delectable fresh salami and prosciutto, a dollop of excellent pesto (great texture), a pot of char grilled vegetables and another of roasted olives in a rich garlic and chilli-infused tomato sauce, all to go with a generous pile of pita bread.

Poking around a plate like this and spreading flavoursome goodies on to warm bread makes you feel happy with your lot, especially when you have the anticipation of pizza and pasta to follow.


We love a thin-crust pizza and Madmegs’ many varieties look after every taste and penchant, from the traditional Napoli, to the pepperoni, to Hawaiian and Mexican, to pumpkin, seafood, a meat lovers … will list the stop? … through to the intriguing matador (tomato, cheese, chorizo, jalapeño, olives, garlic and chilli).

However, on this night, because our taste buds were on high alert after the antipasti, we went for the pissaladier.

This is a traditional French pizza, smothered with caramelised onion and layered with anchovies and olives. Madmegs add tomato and cheese, which work very well, adding richness to the saltiness of the anchovies and olives.


Dimir will gladly make you up a pizza using half of one topping, half of another. This works especially well for argumentative couples. He will also make gluten-free bases.

Because we love carbonara sauce so much, we don’t allow ourselves to often have it, far too rich and unfriendly to our waistlines.

However, on this visit it had to be carbonara, but we compensated by asking for an extra small serve. Who could not love the sinful richness of bacon, eggs, cream?


It’s a winner every time. There’s a bolognaise sauce, always appropriate, a pesto with cream and pine nuts (we couldn’t resist), a matriciana, nice and spicy, and an innocent Napoli, very traditional.

Maria makes the delicious cakes – everything from a gluten-free orange and coconut syrup cake, to chocolate fudge, a flourless almond cake and sometimes a tiramisu or pavlova.

2/14 Thomas Street, Noosaville QLD 4566

Ph. 07 54403790


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