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Published on March 27th, 2014 | by Ann Rickard


Peninsula Beverly Hills

I’ve got some spicy, behind-the-scenes goss about celebrities at the recent Oscars.

Well, as spicy as we can get, but the good people at the Peninsula Beverly Hills have given us some fun facts.

The hotel is booked out with celebs and industry honchos in the lead-up to the big event.peninsula-beverly-hills-suite

A lot of primping and preening must be attended to before a celebrity can walk a red carpet, and a luxurious hotel is the preferred place to do it.

From personally monogrammed pillowcases and customised chocolates with the imprint of their movie’s logo, the stars are treated like… well, like movie stars.

Staff brace themselves for a blitz of requests that could range from walking pampered pooches to attending to couture alterations.

Stylists rush frantically about the lobby with racks of designer labels, jewellers arrive with velvet-lined display boxes and crossed fingers that the nominees will choose their diamonds. Imagine the age-defying treatments being given in the spa, not to mention the spray tanning. And you can only guess at some of the extraordinary requests the concierge receives.

Sadly, we didn’t stay at the Peninsula Beverly Hills on our visit a few years ago. Let’s just say we stayed at a lesser hotel.

Peninsula Beverly Hills.-California-Suite-Living-RoomOne evening while sitting at the bar, a group of burly men in security uniforms came in and pulled up stools next to us. Each one weighed a couple of hundred kilos, had a crew cut and a gun in his belt.

We chatted. They were in town to look after security at a basketball game the next day.

They ordered triple cheeseburgers and Cokes before the barman looked suspiciously at one of them and asked how old he was.

When he replied 20, the barman told him he was too young to sit at the bar, even though he wasn’t drinking.

So he adjusted his gun and politely left the bar stool to eat his cheeseburger at a nearby table.

Old enough to carry a gun but not sit at a bar?

Next time I’m checking in to the Peninsula Beverly Hills.

Peninsula Beverly Hills.


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