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Published on May 27th, 2013 | by Ann Rickard


Peninsula Hotel – Hong Kong

Arriving at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong in one of its sleek Rolls Royce is akin to arriving at Heaven’s Gates.


Instead of Saint Peter waiting to greet you, a bevy of white be-decked page boys open grand doors while others whisk away your luggage and you suddenly find yourself in the opulent and iconic lobby. It’s surreal.

Palms in pots seem to sway to the soft strains of a string quartet playing on an upstairs balcony as you take in the gilded ceiling, the soaring columns, the stylish furniture and extravagant floral displays.


This is Hong Kong’s most famous lobby and a place to be seen, especially in the afternoons when high tea is taken. As you sip on perfectly brewed hot tea and nibble delicately on dainty sandwiches and cakes sitting on
tiered plates, you feel like you own the world.

The Peninsula Hong Kong is celebrating eight and a half decades of elegant Asian hospitality. It first opened its gracious doors on December 11, 1928, and to celebrate this 85th anniversary it has rolled out a number of
Ann with Rolls Royce
Especially glamorous is the Sunday Tea Dance. Imagine yourself dipping and swirling (in the arms of someone dark and dashing and dressed in a dinner suit…let’s hot the fantasy up) around the lobby while a 10 piece band plays.

Oh, the glamour, the tradition, the keeping up of standards. Mr. Bucket would love it. Mrs. Rickard loves it. She’s just spent three heady days at the Peninsula Hong Kong and feels like royalty.

Tell you more tomorrow.

The Peninsula – Hong Kong

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