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Published on May 26th, 2013 | by Ann Rickard


Rolls Royce Pick Up

One of the most extravagant ways to spoil yourself – and you deserve it – is to have a mini break in a Peninsula Hotel. Hong Kong or Shanghai will do nicely. And a stay simply must include an airport pick up in the one of the Peninsula Group’s sleek Rolls Royce vehicles.

ann with rolls(2)

Here’s how it works if you book into a Peninsula Hotel and organise a pick up.

You are greeted at the airport the moment you step off the plane. A Peninsula representative in a tailored suit with the Peninsular embroidered in gold on the jacket will have a sign with your name on it.

You will instantly be relieved of your hand luggage as the representative quietly whisks you away from all the other disembarking passengers.

In the Hong Kong airport the representative immediately put me on a buggy and drove me through the long distance of the airport to immigration and customs.

At this point I wasn’t sure if I felt like an obese person who couldn’t walk through the airport (you do see them, all too often unfortunately) or a European Princess who didn’t have to walk through an airport. (I went for the latter.)

Once through immigration – in a special fast queue of course – the Peninsula representative then takes your luggage off the carousel for you and then whisks you quietly and respectfully through customs and outside where a gleaming and polished Rolls Royce sits at the kerbside just waiting for your pleasure.

Ann with Rolls Royce

Bags are quickly put on board as you slide into the leather and polished walnut glamour of the Rolls. You must try not to make loud sighs and whoops of joy at this point, although you are quite free to do so.

“Is the temperature good for you, Madam,” comes the question.

“Everything is good for Madam” comes the reply as the Rolls silently glides on air out of the airport.

“Water is in the sliding drawer, Madam,” comes the next welcoming words.

“And if you would like to check your emails we have WiFi in the car.”

Oh….how utterly fabulous.

Then when the Rolls sweeps into the driveway of the Peninsula Hong Kong, it seems that every staff member has come out to greet you. Page boys and girls in white hats open doors, bags are quietly whisked away while you fall into the glamorous arms of the most beautiful hotel in the world.

The Peninsula – Hong Kong

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