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Samujana Villa – Koh Samui

Can you see yourself sitting at this table in this beautiful setting pictured above?

We all have to have our dreams, they sustain us through hard working days and routine nights, and holiday dreams are the best of them all.

These new villas, called Samujana, have just opened on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand and they are the ultimate in luxury.Koh Samu 1i

That’s really an understatement when you consider the villas have 360 degrees of uninterrupted views of Chaweng, Lamai and Choengmon beaches. Some have five bedrooms, two kitchens, a private gym and cinema.

What an experience it would be to gather the family or good friends and treat yourselves to a stay in such a dazzling place on such a dreamy island.

We’ve visited Koh Samui a couple of times and loved it – but never experienced this high-end luxury.

One memorable visit on a family budget holiday saw us in an old house in the middle of a vigorous building site near the airport directly underneath the flight path.

The first flight came in about six every morning and shook and rattled that old house to its foundations and had us almost falling out of our beds, not that we’d had any sleep, the building site operated 24 hours a day and tile cutters were the favoured tool of the moment. That experience was chalked up as one of our disaster holidays.

On another visit when it was just the two of us for an anniversary, our accommodation was more comfortable, not deluxe, but right on Chaweng Beach.

Koh Samu 2i

At night the little bars and cafes all along the beach put their tables and chairs out on the sand and lit small fires to chargrill the day’s catch.

The starry sky competed with the twinkle of fairy lights strung in the trees fringing the sand. It was as romantic and dreamy as any couple celebrating an anniversary could wish for.

Just a pity I had decided to use the visit to Thailand to have some inexpensive dental work done and had all my front teeth filed dramatically down to ready them for shining new white veneers.

We sat in beach bars and cafes every night, our toes in the sand, the waves softly lapping the shore, the stars and lights twinkling, the welcome smell of freshly grilled fish in the air, tropical cocktails in hand…and me with virtually no front teeth.

One day I will get back to Koh Samui.

I will avoid the dentist’s chair, save my dollars, at treat myself to a stay at Samujana villas.

I believe in keeping the dream alive.

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