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Published on December 20th, 2013 | by Ann Rickard


SeaDream Singing

Love it that SeaDream Yachts don’t have the big glitzy theatres with over-the-top Vegas shows.  And that’s not just because it gives me a chance to sing and strut about in the Piano Bar each night on board.


The intimate Piano Bar on Deck 4 is the place to go after dinner for a sing-a-long, if you aren’t too full of caviar and soufflé and Bordeaux wines.

I try to be reasonably good at dinner (just the two courses, and only one bottle of wine!) so I can keep the energy up for a Piano Bar visit.


The pianist’s name is Sam and it’s the only time in my life I’m going to be able to stand by a piano, sing off tune and then say “play again Sam.”  You have to love that.


Sam’s a friendly guy, and a patient one.  He encourages guests with song sheets so we can get the lyrics right, he hands us a microphone, puts his fingers on the keys and off we go.


It starts out low key – a few shy people taking to the microphone, tentatively singing quietly, mostly off-key – but as the obliging bartender shakes the apple martinis, muddles the mojitos and mixes the cosmos, things get a bit…well…competitive.


Try to get the microphone off me when I’m in the middle of a strident rendition of My Way and you’re going to have to fight for it.


When it comes to Elton, Mick or Elvis…I have no peer.  As for my version of The Green Green Grass of Home…well, Tom Jones would be envious.


Because the bar is so intimate and because SeaDream Yachts take only 100 passengers, you are never going to be crowded in the Piano Bar.

The atmosphere in the Piano Bar is so friendly, before you have a chance to get the microphone for a rousing rendition of New York New York, you have a half a dozen new best friends.

SeaDream Yacht Club

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