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SeaDream – Taste the High Life

I’ve stood and gazed in envious wonder at the yachts in the harbours of Monaco and Antibes and wondered who the fortunate few are who own such sleek and luxurious vessels.

I’ve stared covetously at the gleaming yachts at anchor in Mykonos and tried to guess who might be on board.


A Saudi billionaire with a subservient entourage? A young entrepreneur who started his online business in his garage and could now buy a fleet of yachts? Brad and Angelina with a gang of nannies to take care of their brood? Oprah, perhaps… surely she owns a yacht?

Most of us will never know what indulgencies wait on board a private yacht.


But we can get a similar taste on board a SeaDream yacht.

Just two in the fleet, these majestic ladies take only 112 passengers and – this is the best part, even better than the 24-hour open bar policy – there are 95 crew members to take care of them.

Sailing on board a SeaDream yacht gives you a small taste of the lifestyle those smug, rich and famous folks enjoy year round.


Stepping on board to be greeted by a smiling crew member who already knows your name, and is brandishing a cold towel and a glass of chilled champagne, sets the standard for indulgent times ahead. As for carrying your Danish pastry from the stylish breakfast buffet after you’ve given your order for eggs benedict, don’t even dream of it. Far too taxing when yet another smiling crew member magically materialises to take the burden from you.


Cosy corners on the teak decks for an alfresco lunch a deux, a friendly piano bar where you can sing off-key while a patient pianist tries to keep up with you, an intimate Bond-style casino for a turn of the roulette wheel, a grand dining room awash with sparkling glass and gleaming silver, a fragrant spa to soothe away excesses, stylish salons and staterooms, French champagne around every corner, caviar too.


No, you are not dreaming and, no, sadly you are not a Saudi billionaire, but you sure are being treated like one.

SeaDream Yacht Club

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