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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Ann Rickard


Soula Rooms

If you’ve been following me for a while you’d know I’m an old(ish) Aussie sheila so if I tell you I’ve been partying like a teenager on the Greek Island of Mykonos would you believe me?

Okay, if you don’t, I’ll just have to give you proof, so here it is below.  I’m in there somewhere amongst that beautiful blonde and that hunky Brazilian in the mauve shirt.


Every year for the past six years we’ve been coming to Mykonos to our favourite place, Soula Rooms on Psarous Beach.

Soula Rooms comprises a number of modest and pretty whitewashed villas that lead right onto the sandy beach with its crystal clear water.  It’s owned by Soula and her husband Timmos and daughters Nansy and Barbara, in other words very family-operated and super-friendly.

ann mykonos

It’s hard to believe such a modestly priced and friendly place sits on the beach next to the trendiest restaurant and bar on the island, possibly in all of Greece.


Called Nammos, it attracts celebrities (Michael Douglas a few years ago, James Packer and family more recently, and then me) not to mention more than a share of Saudi billionaires who come into the restaurant off their yachts anchored in the bay and snap up bottles of vintage Dom at 2,300 euros.


It’s impossible not to whoop it up on this beach when the music blares out over the padded sun lounges and the hot young things get up on tables, chairs and lounges to dance.


So imagine, if you can, me doing the same thing (but without the hot firm body and the vintage Dom.)  Stopping yourself from bumping and grinding and doing your moves when every fabulous body around is you doing the same is impossible. Even if I don’t look anything near the beautiful young woman I’m dancing with below, no-one seems to mind.   That’s my Aussie mate Geraldine behind me in the striped bikini.  She was a big hit with the young ones.


Staying at Soula Rooms for such a low cost when all the surrounding hotels charge five, six or more times the price, makes us feel special, indeed a bit smug.   When Soula brings out a pizza and glasses of chilled ouzo as a friendly gesture – she does not operate a restaurant, this comes from her home, her heart – you just have to sit back and think…’I love Soula Rooms.  That’s Soula below – she’s just delivered the pizza and the ouzo.


Now I’m off to dance with a hot young man, or perhaps a Saudi billionaire.


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