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Published on September 24th, 2014 | by Ann Rickard


Spa spoil yourself

What’s it going to be? A pedicure? Body scrub? Facial? Whatever you chose you are going to feel better about removing layers of winter clothes to expose your skin.

Feet hidden for months are now on show and a pedicure will not only make your feet sandal-ready it will refresh your spirit.

Skin hidden beneath jackets and sweaters for the past three months is going to glow after a massage or body scrub.

Your face, exposed to the winter chill, will be Noosa spring ready after a rejuvenating facial. Stephanies Ocean Spa in the Noosa Outrigger Little Hastings Street Resort & Spa has a range of spring face and body treatments on special to complement a host of treatments from its comprehensive spa menu.


The Spring Souls Pedicure starts with a nourishing milk and rose petal foot infusion, followed by an exfoliating vanilla and coconut sugar scrub. Then enjoy a hydrating foot massage with Stephanies Signature dream jasmine cream, followed by a spritz of jasmine-inspired dream mist. Finally your toes will be brightened with an expert shape and paint with the new spring colours of Butter London polish.

It doesn’t end there, you take home a pair of Souls Thongs as a gift.

Or enjoy a spring beauty treat with a customised skin treatment which includes a thorough cleansing and exfoliating program followed by a relaxing reflex face and neck massage, a defining eyebrow shape and eye lash tint.

Body treatments will have you confident to hit the beach or at the very least expose arms and legs in pretty spring/summer wear.

I tried the new spring Elixir treatment which focuses on the body from scalp to toe.

The treatment begins with a milk foot soak bath. When the therapist fusses over your pinkies you are transported to calmness before the treatment has even begun.

Once up on the table, the therapist will gently daub your body section by section with an Elixir exfoliation lotion.

The heady fragrance of Elixir is soothing in itself and adds to the pleasure of the gentle scrub as it is applied to the legs, arms, back and, if you like, tummy.

Once you are fully anointed with the exfoliate as well as a rich Elixir lotion to let it all meld into your skin, you are wrapped up warm and cosy, and while the dead skin sloughs away, the therapist will administer a scalp massage, again using the Elixir products so your senses are filled with the glorious fragrance.


Later, while in the shower washing away the fragrant potions, the good fairies tiptoe into the quiet room, rearrange the bedding so it is ready for your return to the table to be once again anointed from head to toe, this time with hydrating rich Elixir moisturiser.

Not only is your skin glowing, your hair has been treated too with the richness of the Elixir oil.

The indulgence doesn’t have to end there… take your time in the tranquil lounge over a cup of herbal tea or a glass of chilled fruit sorbet. It’s all about stillness in calm and making the most of your spa experience. And… if you really want to spoil yourself Stephanies has a tempting retail section where some of the world’s best spa products are yours for the asking.

Stephanies Ocean Spa,

Noosa Outrigger Resort & Spa.

Little Hastings Street

P: 5473 5353


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