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Published on September 7th, 2013 | by Ann Rickard


Stephanies Ocean Spa

It’s easy to dismiss thoughts of foot care when feet are covered with boots and shoes as they have been these past months. But as they are about to slip into sandals and thongs and go naked to the world, it is time to pamper them. And while you’re at it, how about refreshing the face after the drying effects of winter?

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Stephanies Ocean Spa at Outrigger Little Hastings Street Resort & Spa has a menu of spa treatments to revitalise you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

I tried out a couple of treatments and if you follow suit, you’ll begin your pampering in one of the muted and fragrant treatment rooms where a therapist will gently scrub your feet and lower legs with a Vinotherapy body scrub. This mellows you for the next step – a Kerstin Florian facial.

Once you are settled on the table, the pleasure starts with a few deep inhalations of essential oils. This has an instant relaxing effect.

Once the face is thoroughly cleansed, with the rich Kerstin Florian products doing their job along with gentle wafts of steam, it is ready for the professional peel.

This is the tingly bit – you can actually feel the peel doing its work of removing dead skin and lightening the complexion. While it silently toils, the therapist will give you a scalp massage, using an aromatic oil by Payot to nourish the hair.

Feeling better already?

After a hyluronique serum is softly patted onto your now glowing skin, rehydrating Neroli water is infused on gauze which covers the face. Then cold globes are gently rolled all over the gauze to tone the skin. It’s hard to say whether this is more delightful than the perfumed scalp massage. The pleasure all melds to create one drifty, floaty experience. Snoring is possible at this stage.

The facial finishes with a rescue cream to nourish and complete the job of the peel.

Stephanies open Spa 1 (2)But it’s not over yet.

The therapist will head to the end of the table – you do not have to stir yourself – and give her full attention to your feet. While she quietly labours you’ll have a warm mask over your eyes and a warm pillow on your tummy.

You’ll lose all sense of time as you surrender to the welcome ministrations until you emerge from your slumber with pretty spring-ready feet and radiant skin.

If you feel your body needs attention as well as your face and feet, a spring special at Stephanies includes a free body scrub. Book a 60-minute essential massage ($138) and enjoy a free Vinotherapy body scrub (valued at $99.)

Stephanies has introduced a locals’ free-to-join reward card. With each visit, five percent of your total purchase will be added to your membership.

For example, spend $100 and receive five spa dollars. When you have a certain amount, you will receive redemption vouchers to use at any Stephanies Spa.

Log on and register:

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Little Hastings Street.

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