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Stirred, shaken or flipped!

A world-class bartender tells Ann Rickard food/travel writer – a quail egg, not a Fluffy Duck, makes for a hip cocktail, even if it’s stirred, shaken or flipped!

“I would never use bought syrups or juices. Everything has to be freshly prepared with seasonal ingredients.”

Who would have thought it? A quail egg in a cocktail.

We know cocktails have come a long way since our grandmothers got all giggly over a couple of drinks with weird names (Fluffy Duck, anyone?) but some of today’s cocktails can appear futuristic. Someone who knows this well is Sydney bartender Tim Philips.

He holds the title of Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender and he will be in Noosa in May to host a cocktail-matching dinner on Main Beach as part of the Noosa International Food & Wine Festival.

During a recent one-day visit to Noosa, he spent some time with berardo’s executive chef Shane Bailey, matching cocktail ingredients with fresh produce chefs will use to present six courses at the May dinner.

Mr Philips received his world title last year in Rio where he competed against bartenders from 50 countries around the world and impressed the judges with his quail egg and lemon juice cocktail titled Resurrection Flip. “The cocktail was about rebirth and flipping something so it appeared not to be what it was,” he said.

With the competition judges looking for creativity and theatre, along with a perfect balance of cocktail ingredients, Mr Phillips pulled off a coup by deliberately dropping his cocktail shaker, complete with quail egg, at the cliff-hanging moment

Tim Philips.

Then, as the judges and audience held their collective breath and the television cameras kept rolling, he produced a large whole egg.

He had secretly siphoned out its contents through a pin prick and filled the empty shell with the ‘real’ cocktail which he then poured theatrically from the egg and presented a beautifully made drink to the judges. “They couldn’t believe it,’’ Mr Philips said. “Especially after I’d dropped the cocktail shaker. It was all about the flip.”

Tim Philips owns and operates an intimate Sydney bar so hip he doesn’t tell people its name or where it is (those in the know find out).

He makes all his own syrups and juices, but he believes a perfectly made classic cocktail will always be the trademark of a good barman.

“Cocktails such as the bloody Mary, martini, negroni and Manhattan are the backbone of all good cocktail making,” he said. “If you get those right, and I mean perfectly balanced, then you can do anything.”

At his small Sydney bar, only five cocktails are served and they change daily according to whatever his scout can find at the markets that morning.

“We have someone who trawls the markets early in the morning seeking beautiful ingredients,’’ he said. “We make everything ourselves. “I would never use bought syrups or juices. “Everything has to be freshly prepared with seasonal ingredients. “I really dislike bought syrups.”

Something else Mr Philips dislikes is fancy names for bartenders, including mixologist. “I am comfortable with bartender,” he said. “It’s what I am.”


  •  At a dinner on Noosa’s Main Beach, under a luxurious lined marquee in front of the surf club, Tim Philips will match six of his most creative cocktails to beautifully prepared food presented by three renowned chefs: Colin Fassnidge, Wayd Bailey and Eric Pernoud. “I want people not just to have a dinner but to walk away thinking that was a wow experience”.

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