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Technology In The Shower

I like technology as much as a mature person who did not grow up with it can like it.

I love my iPad and all the clever things I can do with it, same goes for my Smart Phone, and I couldn’t live without email and Google. I can Facebook and Instagram like a pro, I can even embrace the technology in the car and work the GPS.

“I can handle power showers, those devices that almost blast you out of the bathroom…they can be fun”

But when it comes to some things, ablutions in this case, I detest it.

Who needs technology in the shower?

Apparently, many of us, judging by the new fandango showers I’ve encountered lately.

It is mostly in new or refurbished hotels that shower technology defeats you. You have to wonder who installs these complicated devices. Do they do it just to get some sort of gleeful fun out of thinking of people standing in the shower with nothing on but a confused look?

I can handle power showers, those devices that almost blast you out of the bathroom…they can be fun. I can cope with two or three varieties of shower heads in the one system, although it is not easy to change the shower head from a gentle rainforest trickle to a spurting gush while you are all soaped up.

What brings me undone are the showers that have half a dozen different handles and gadgets that look nothing like taps, those shower appliances that require you rotate one to get the water out and then another to control the temperature.

Anyone over 40 will tell you, you need your glasses on to see how to work the temperature on a rotating tap, and who gets into the shower with their glasses on?

Standing in all your glorious nakedness in the shower with icy water cascading down on you while you shiver/scream/curse and peer blindly at the temperature control is not for sissies.

It’s not so bad if you have a mate who has seen you in your glorious nakedness so many times he doesn’t see it anymore and you can call for help.

Shouting “bring me my glasses,” and having him take ten minutes to find them and bring them to you while you shiver/scream/curse is better than having him step into the shower with you to work out the temperature control.

Then there are the showers that Europeans are fond of. Just the shower hose, nothing attached to the wall…the dreaded hand-held shower. Unless you are an expert juggler how do you shampoo with one hand and hold the shower with another? And if you let it go, as usually happens when you put the shampoo bottle down, off it takes like a fireman’s hose on the loose.

Travelling with a handyman is helpful, someone who can arrange a temporary a fixture on the shower wall for the awful hand-held shower. We now never travel to Europe without supplies of duct-tape, hooks, a small drill and mini screwdriver which are not the usual accessories you want to pack in your bag for a relaxing holiday.

Another shower I’ve often encountered in Europe involves the entire bathroom becoming the shower. There it is, a shower head on the wall in the bathroom but no actual cubicle, no protective glass, not even a mouldy plastic curtain.

It seems very strange indeed to be showering with the water gushing all over the place, filling the sink and bathing the loo, soaking the towels and drenching the toiletries. And when you finish? You are standing in a soapy lake with nothing but a soaked towel for comfort.

On the few occasions when we do encounter an old-fashioned shower with taps that say ‘on’ and ‘off’ and ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ there is singing in the shower I can tell you.


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