Published on August 4th, 2017 | by Ann Rickard


Together Until Dawn

Unless you have a new hot lover – and if you do, jolly good luck to you – these are words you do not want to hear: “let us stay together until dawn, we will watch the sunrise together.”

Welcome words if you are in the clinches in the boudoir with a new love, but not when you are of a ‘mature age’ enjoying a holiday in a villa in a small bay on a tiny beach on the Greek Island of Mykonos.

“We will watch the sunrise together. Nobody leave. Stay with me.”

The man who said these words was not in my boudoir, but down on the beach where he blasted them into the giant amplifiers on an enormous stage over the water to a large and enthusiastic crowd, and…he said them at three in the morning. His name is Remos, and he is a famous Greek singer. Maybe you have heard of him. I hadn’t. Now I know him well.

The small bay, Psarou Bay, has become well known on the island, in fact around the world, due to a man called Nammos who owns a restaurant on the beach that has become so trendy it attracts A-listers, Hollywood celebrities, Saudi billionaires, super models, paparazzi, and me. He puts on concerts on the beach right below my villa several times during the summer.

The preparations begin two days before the concert with the erecting of a stage over the water by his staff (hundreds of them) and professionals which involves much noise, structural building and drilling in the seabed and then the installation of giant amplifiers and strobe lights and all the loud equipment that goes with the staging of a concert, usually the kind involving Mick Jagger and a football stadium. Not a Greek singer and a small beach in a tiny bay.

This year the concert did not start until midnight – I lie not – and the main act, Remos, did not come on stage until three in the morning, and only before an explosion of fireworks to announce his arrival.

“Hello, Mykonos,” Remos shouted into the microphone at three in the morning and his voice bounced off the surrounding brown hills and roared into my villa. “We will watch the sunrise together. Nobody leave. Stay with me.”

I gave up and got up at 3.30am and with bleary eyes wandered down to the beach, which I couldn’t get on to due to the tight security to protect the hundreds of people there who had paid 1000 euros each to watch this concert. I stood by with other bleary-eyed onlookers who had not paid. We looked out to this enormous stage with its flashing multi-coloured strobe lights and amplified music and couldn’t help but get into the spirit.

After a while I went back to the villa, put the television on to CNN and watched the machinations of Donald Trump. Just as entertaining as Remos.

The concert finished at seven this morning. Everyone on the beach did as Remos told them to, stayed with him to watch the sunrise.

P.S. I realise I have moaned a lot in this column these past weeks but that is just to ensure you are not envious of my extended travels to gorgeous places in Europe. Rather I irritated you with my whining than annoy you with my name-dropping. I really am having a wonderful time – it’s all quite marvellous. And yes, I know Mykonos is a party island and yes, I know I shouldn’t go there if I don’t like concerts that run until dawn.


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is a Noosa (Australia) local and author of six successful books, all humorous travel narratives. In 2005 Ann won the prestigious ASTW’s Australian Travel Writer of the Year and in 2007 she won the ASTW Travel Book of the Year. Ann takes a culinary tour to the South of France in June every year . Ann writes travel, dining and columns for the Sunshine Coast Daily and is the Life editor of the Noosa News. Ann also maintains a well read and popular blog site. Ann’s travels have seen her explore cuisines all over the world.

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