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What a Happy Day

What happy day it was last Wednesday, November 15.

If even you had not shown interest in the same-sex marriage saga over the past months you could not have helped but be moved by the nation’s jubilance.

It was a wonderful day for everyone. Penny Wong in tears, Malcolm Turnbull beaming…even Bill Shorten dropped his usual aggressive critical demeanour and radiated happiness. Almost all politicians appeared as moved to elation as did the crowds around the country and all of us at home watching the historic event.

I have long had a fondness for the gay community and I reckon Aussies have always been an open-minded mob despite occasional undertones (by a few) to the contrary. Bottom-line…we generally want others to have a fair go. It could not have more vividly brought home than it was last Wednesday.

For me, that reinforcement came when I put my postal vote in the letter box. Putting something in a letterbox is not a common sight any more so when I stopped the car to do so, my eight-year-old granddaughter travelling with me, asked what I was doing.

“Posting my ‘yes’ vote for same sex-marriage,” I told her. “Do you know what that means?”

She did not hesitate: “It means boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls, everyone is equal.”

Now, admittedly my eight-year-old granddaughter is significantly superior in intellect and the ability to do three rapid hand-stands in a row, but how profound is that? An eight-year-old summing up the same-sex marriage scenario in such a simplistic, innocent and truthful manner.

We’ve come a long way in a relatively short time when it comes to coming out. It was only a couple of decades ago shows like Will & Grace would never have made it to our televisions. More the pity (it’s very witty and entertaining.)

If you flick through the television channels now, especially if you linger on SBS for a few minutes, you are quite likely to come across a gay kissing scene. I think I saw one on Home and Away recently, very passionate it was, or it could have Coronation Street, I get them mixed up. Whatever it was, the two men were enjoying a very zealous kiss. What progress, what open-mindedness.

A few years ago, if we had seen two men on television even pecking each other swiftly and lightly on the lips it would have brought gasps of shock. Women kissing women, well that’s another story and best not gone into it right now for fear of getting you blokey blokes hot under the collar.

I think Brokeback Mountain was the leader in changing our thinking of the man-on-man kiss. That erotic and deeply moving kiss between the two cowboys in the tent was, in my opinion, the best movie kiss of all time…even better than the lingering heterosexual kiss between Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in the 1968 movie The Thomas Crown Affair. Remember when the cameras circled the kissing couple for what seemed like eternity and we all wished we were one of them? The cowboy kiss was even better than that, and the upside-down Spiderman kiss and way better than the Lady and the Tramp kiss. My opinion only. I’m sure you have your own favourite.

I’m watching a Netflix series at the moment, Frankie & Grace, where two long-time married, in-the-closet men finally leave their wives for each other. There has been a lot of man-on-man kissing so

far into the series between these two old blokes and I find it very sweet – mostly because people in their 70s, gay or straight, who still want to pash with passion should be applauded and encouraged.

So, more kissing on the telly I say.


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